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Our established professional relationships and networks are expansive and include experienced professionals fresh on the market, passive jobseekers considering new private opportunities, as well as professional networking groups and industry experts. For many employers it can be a prolonged, time intensive and demanding process to recruit the best talent on the market, in the San Francisco Bay Area metro region and beyond. That is why Scion Staffing San Francisco interviews, networks with, and recruits top talent at the local, statewide and national level for your business or organization.



Our Direct Hire Staffing Services include:

Talent recruitment

Immediate access to our vast network of experienced candidates ready for direct placement. Our recruiters deliver personally vetted, pre-screened, and ready-to-hire staff. We utilize a variety of methods to attract a diverse pool of qualified applicants matching your specific needs.

Pipeline creation

Our pipeline is a proven pathway to get the word out properly about your opportunity. We will refine your position description, establish a successful and clear salary range goal, and expediently launch online postings and social media network engagement. From speaking at universities, to attending local and national talent and human resources conferences, meet-up groups, and LinkedIn events, our recruiters work the room so you don’t have to.

Skill evaluations

We conduct skill assessments based on the job requirements and your requests, such as skills testing, behavioral questioning, and situational interviews.

Interview coordination

We team up with you to schedule interviews with the top candidates for each position. This gives you the opportunity to meet with each of our exceptional applicants and review their work history, experience, and passion for the opportunity to be on your team.

Reference checks

All candidate scheduling and final reference checks are conducted in detail on your behalf. This includes contacting former employers, direct reports, and/or colleagues as needed to fully establish candidate credibility.

Work eligibility and background checking

We ensure each applicant is eligible to work and are ready to conduct background checks that are tailored to the needs of your particular job.

Human Resources and recruitment process

If needed, we help present job offers, mediate offer negotiations, and counsel our clients and candidates to ensure the best chance for a successful hire. Though we cannot give legal advice, our recruiters stay up to date on employment law and current hiring trends and can suggest additional resources.

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A guaranteed hire

We offer a concrete service guarantee and a complete commitment to excellence and search confidentiality. Our valued clients are serviced and represented in a highly personal, ethical, professional, and effective manner. We back all of our professional executive search services with a three month service guarantee. We do this because we are confident in the extraordinary quality of our searches and the talented candidates that we select to represent.

At Scion San Francisco, we are ready to deliver the talent you need to keep your business operating smoothly and at max capacity! To request more information about our contingent search services, please click here.

We lead contingent permanent searches within the following areas:

Executive Leadership – (CEO, SVP, VP, Directors)

Finance, Accounting, and Auditing – (Directors, Controllers, Managers, Consultants)

Marketing & Digital – (Online/Ecommerce, Supply Chain, and Print)

Creative & Design (Producing, Product, Graphics, Production, Animation, Videography)


Sales & Business Development – (VP’s, Managers, Account Staff)

PR & Communications – (Writing, Editing & Management)

Operations – (COO, Director of Operations, and Operations Managers)

Human Resources – (VP’s, Directors, Managers, HRIS, Generalists)

Information Technology – (for Web, Mobile, Software, Networking, Engineering, Security, Big Data)

Legal (Attorneys, Paralegals, Support Staff)

Healthcare & Medical (All levels and roles as well as Administrative Support)

Administrative – (Director to Support)

Other Specialties